HMC Pastoral Leadership Qualification

HMC will be running two pilot clusters for Level 1 of a new Pastoral Leadership Qualification during the 2016-17 academic year. The two clusters will be based in London and the Midlands, with 40-50 places available.

Please click here for an overview of the new HMC Pastoral Leadership Qualification

An online booking form for each cluster is available in the Courses and Events area of the HMCPD website, or you can book over the telephone by calling the HMCPD office on 01858 462477.

Please use the following links if you wish to book a place:

Midlands cluster (participant)

Midlands cluster (mentor)

London cluster (participant)

London cluster (mentor)

Please note that all participants must be supported by an in-school mentor, so please ensure that mentors book places on the relevant training as well as participants.

Capacity will unfortunately be limited on the two pilot clusters, and a high level of interest is anticipated.