Sponsor Profile – SDS Group (Education & Heritage)

Stand: 18
Contact Name: Andy Harris – Sales Director
Tel: 01202 496 513
07814 710 179
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.sds-group.co.uk, www.sds-education.co.uk,
www.sds-heritage.co.uk, www.sds-archivemanager.co.uk
The SDS Group (Education & Heritage) has a wide range of ICT services all centred around the scanning and digitising of rare, precious & confidential document archives with full search and retrieval database solutions.

We specialise in the digitation of school heritage records including magazines, school registers, newsletters, war memorials, photographs, class lists, ephemera, large format plan, drama productions, speech and prize day etc.   We also digitise every type of administrative document that flows through a school including pupil & HR records, Governor’s Minutes, Risk Assessments, H&S O&M manuals, Asbuilt plans, Medical files, Contracts, policies & procedures to name but a few.

Every system and website is bespoke, designed to individual requirements and always within the corporate identity of the school. We are now working with over 200 independent schools many of whom are HMC. Every school that works with us continues to do so because they want to – not because of a contract.

Sponsor of: HMC archive information


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