Top 10 Facts About HMC

  1. 223,126 pupils are taught in HMC schools in the UK and Ireland, an increase of 22% from ten years ago.
  2. One in four of all those attending the UK's top ten universities come from HMC's 282 schools.
  3. 92% of pupils in HMC schools in the UK go on to higher education.
  4. 32% of pupils in HMC schools across the UK received help with their fees in 2015/16 totalling £442 million in assistance....that's over £1.2m per day. £212 million of this was in the form of means-tested bursaries.
  5. 79% of HMC schools in the UK and Ireland are co-educational, 13% are boys' only and 8% are girls' only schools. 60% offer boarding in some form.
  6. There is one teacher for every 9 pupils in HMC schools in England compared with one per 22 in the state sector.
  7. There are now 13,249 non-British pupils, whose parents live overseas, at HMC schools in the UK.
  8. Average fees in HMC schools start from £3,328 per term/£9,984 per year for day students and £8,902 per term/£26,707 per year for boarding.
  9. 100% of HMC schools are involved in partnerships with state maintained schools.
  10. Pupils in HMC schools play on average between 5 and 6 hours of sports and games a week in over 40 different sports - double the amount played by pupils in state schools. 36 of the medals won by Team GB at Rio 2016 were by athletes educated at HMC schools.