Upper Canada College

Upper Canada College

Type: Day / Boarding
Age Range: 3-18
Head's Name: James Power
Address: 200 Lonsdale Road
ON M4V 1W6
Phone: 00 1 416 488 1125
Fax: 001-416-4848610
Website: www.ucc.on.ca

School Profile

At Upper Canada College, endless opportunities await boys. Students thrive in our high-support environment as they explore their individuality and creativity. UCC offers a complete range of academic co-curricular choices, to encourage the emerging talents of athletes, actors, musicians, debaters, scientists and more. 

UCC is located in the heart of Toronto, a safe and culturally diverse city. At UCC, we value diversity and are actively engaged in building a school that reflects a variety of backgrounds. We recognize that embracing a mix of cultures, talents, experiences and socioeconomic diversity will make the College a more rewarding place in which to learn.

UCC teachers draw on best practices in education as they challenge boys to be open-minded, reflective learners who demonstrate courage, citizenship and good character. Graduates depart with more than knowledge: they leave with confidence and an appreciation of the role they may play in shaping tomorrow.