HMC Affiliation for Heads of School

We are delighted to announce a new programme of support for Heads leading schools in foundations, with the opportunity to become an Affiliate of HMC.

The number of Heads of Schools in foundations led by an overarching Principal or CEO has increased significantly over the last few years, and the role is becoming ever-more complex and challenging. HMC are therefore increasing the support available to Heads working in foundations led by a member of HMC through developing this Affiliate programme.

Affiliates of HMC benefit from many of the services available to full members of the association, including:

  • Professional development courses and conferences
  • Formal and informal networking opportunities
  • Access to HMC new heads’ induction courses, mentoring and appraisal
  • Collegiality and individual personal support in times of challenge/crisis
  • Specialist educational advice and guidance from HMC’s expert senior staff.

Further benefits:

  • Subscription to the HMC weekly newsletter and other advice, guidance and policy information
  • Attendance at HMC Divisional meetings (by agreement with the related HMC member and the HMC Division)
  • Attendance at Spring Conference (by agreement with the related HMC member)*
  • The Member Zone of the HMC website
  • One-to-one support and advice from the HMC Directors of Member Services, Education and Communications
  • Annual salary & benefits benchmarking survey
  • HMC Teaching Careers website
  • HMC’s lobbying, policy, partnerships and external relations work
  • HMC/AGBIS Good Governance Programme and other governance support from HMC’s work with AGBIS
  • Use of the HMC branding and logo, within associated guidelines

HMC Affiliate Subscription

The subscription to become an HMC Affiliate is £2,750 per annum, representing a significant reduction in comparison to full membership. There are no limits on the number of Affiliates permitted per foundation. The application process is straight-forward and does not require an accreditation visit.

Click here to register online

* Please note that attendance at the HMC Annual Conference is currently limited to those in full membership.

Additional costs may be associated with particular services such as Professional Development provision, mentoring, appraisal etc.