Partnerships – Case Studies

100% of HMC schools are involved in partnerships with state maintained schools. A selection of case studies demonstrating the different types of partnership activities that take place between HMC schools and state maintained schools are detailed below.

Ogden Science Partnerships

Bolton School Ogden Physics Roadshow web


Harrow’s University Admissions Support

Approximately 20 HMC schools take part in Ogden Science Partnerships, collaborating with local schools to promote the teaching and learning of science for pupils of all ages. Examples of good practice include Wellingborough School, which works with three state schools and Bolton School which forms the hub of one of Ogden’s largest partnerships. These thriving partnerships have resulted in the sharing of expertise between schools including joint professional development.  Read more...   Harrow School organises ‘Lumina’ a five-day summer course, and autumn term UCAS and Oxbridge support for local maintained schools. Lumina involves subject tutorials run by Harrow teachers as well as admissions talks and university trips. The mock interview programme offered in the autumn allows students to be questioned by subject specialists while Harrow also invites state school pupils to academic talks. The programmes have had great success with multiple pupils gaining Oxbridge offers. Read more...
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Young Norfolk Sports Academy (YNSA)


The Grammar School at Leeds: Supporting Looked After Children

GSAL web

The Young Norfolk Sport’s Academy is an elite sporting academy for 15-18 year olds led by Norwich School. It aims to nurture Norfolk’s future sporting stars and help them achieve their potential through specialist support, coaching and education. Seminars on themes such as handling the media are offered, held by international athletes and experts. YNSA now boasts 19 athletes, many of whom have won significant competitions since joining.  Read more...   The Grammar School at Leeds (GSAL) is innovative in its unique work providing opportunities for looked after children, reaching approximately 2,000 pupils a year from across Leeds and Yorkshire. Working with Leeds City Council, the GSAL helps to support foster carers and their families through practical assistance, activities and bursaries in an expression of theirs and the council’s commitment to putting the needs of children and young people first.  Read more...
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York ISSP - Independent State School Partnership

York ISSP 2 web


King’s College School’s Partnership Production

KCS partnership web

The York Independent State School Partnership is one of the longest-standing and most successful partnerships in the UK providing outstanding learning opportunities for able and interested students across the city. The collaboration, involving all but one of the secondary schools in the city, encompassing six maintained and three independent schools, including St Peter’s and Bootham, sees 300 students address different philosophical questions in thought-provoking masterclasses each year. The York ISSP aims to provide the best educational opportunities to all and has been praised by figures in education and parliament.   A heart-warming cross-sector show running since 2011, King’s College School’s Partnership Production involves local primary, secondary and special needs schools alongside KCS pupils. It consists of collaborative performances devised during King’s College School’s various regular volunteering sessions. Originally the ‘Open Doors Evening’ it brings students and staff together from different schools and offers the pupils exciting opportunities to perform and be involved backstage, this year's performance based on Washington Irving’s haunting Tales of the AlhambraRead more...
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Tonbridge School


Arts Festivals

Tonbridge School has supported the Olympic legacy of sportsmanship and community through its partnerships with local primary schools. The Olympic Legacy Athletics Tournament involves children from 12 primary schools engaging in sporting competition and pupils from 23 schools take part in sporting, academic and creative activities during the greatly anticipated Community Day. These events have facilitated the discovery of new interests and have inspired the Tonbridge boys to set up a local athletics club for children.  Read more...   Annual summer arts festivals led by HMC Schools offer a huge range of entertaining talks, displays and performances featuring highly renowned figures. Two examples of well-established events are the Portsmouth Festivities led by the Portsmouth Grammar School since 1998 and the Oxford Festival of the Arts conducted by Magdalen College School since 2009. Both schools are key in organising and running the festivals alongside their accompanying educational programmes. Both attract and benefit thousands from local community and beyond each year.  Read more...
Partnerships   Partnerships

London Academy of Excellence


Whitgift CCF

The London Academy of Excellence is a highly successful free sixth form established by eight leading independent schools to help talented pupils in Stratford gain university places. These schools are still involved with the LAE academically and through extra-curricular activity. The school has succeeded in increasing the number of university places gained, three-quarters of LAE students receiving offers from Russell Group universities in 2016.  Read more...   Whitgift School’s Combined Cadet Force (CCF) has been in partnership with two local state schools since 2008. Originally as part of a government initiative, 60 boys and girls from the partner schools engage in regular meets at Whitgift at no cost as well as going on heavily subsidised trips. This provides adventure and allows the cadets to develop new skills, the partnership regarded highly by pupils, teachers and inspectors.


Schools Together

Several HMC schools have also included details of their current projects and partnerships with state maintained schools or community groups on the Schools Together websiteSchools Together also includes a selection of case studies which give more details about specific types of existing projects and partnerships for anyone interested in setting up similar collaboration activities.

Celebrating Partnerships

The Independent Schools Council (ISC) produces an annual report of cross-sector partnership work between independent and state schools entitled Celebrating Partnerships which can be viewed here.