Alumni Giving

Alumni have suggested that the time has come for them to make some financial contribution to HMC Projects in order to help future students to enjoy the same opportunities which they had had during their time at one of our schools.

We want to ensure that we can provide some additional financial support to those scholars who most need it. The cost of living in the UK is invariably higher than in any of the countries where we seek scholars and we like to be able to support genuine requests for additional support where individual circumstances warrant this. Parents of HMC Projects scholars currently have to pay an administrative fee to HMC Projects of £1400 if their home country is in the EU and £900 if it is not in the EU. Our non-EU students are also confronted by the ever-rising cost of visas and the UK healthcare surcharge currently totalling £723.

Furthermore our scholars have to meet some 'extras' charged to them by their schools as well as the costs of travel. We also want our scholars to be able to benefit from opportunities at their schools and sometimes financial constraints may not allow this.

Your help by contributing will ensure that all our scholars can maximise their opportunities.


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