Alumni Giving

Alumni have suggested that the time has come for them to make some financial contribution to HMC Projects in order to help future students to enjoy the same opportunities which they had had during their time at one of our schools.

We have two specific TARGETS.

One of these is to ensure that we can provide financial support to those scholars who most need it. Parents of HMC scholars currently have to pay a fee to HMC Projects of £1500 if their home country is in the EEA and £1300 if it is not in the EEA. In addition our scholars face increasing 'Extras' charged to them by schools. Our non-EEA students are confronted by the ever-rising cost of visas (now £289 per Tier 4 visa). One high annual charge on HMC Projects is the financing of the half-term stays which we provide. These tend to be a necessity for students who live furthest away from the UK and whose flight costs are therefore particularly onerous.

Our second target is to assure our continuing ability to provide an Orientation Course for our new scholars. The time when the new scholars and the Working Group meet in Cambridge each September has an element of excitement and magic about it - "Like a dream come true" - which alumni remember for the rest of their lives.

We ask every former HMC Projects scholar to pay a small sum to HMC Projects (perhaps £10 per month) to help us to meet these two priorities - and, in so doing, to enable HMC Projects to meet its overheads.

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