HMC Sustainability

An introduction from David Levin

"The world’s resources are under huge pressure from population growth, human lifestyle expectations and climate change. Sustainability is an unavoidable necessity. It is this reality for which we must prepare our young people, helping them to develop sustainable lifestyles by shrinking their carbon and water footprints. Buildings are responsible for over half of our emissions and Heads not only want to set a good environmental example but also to reap the benefits of lower maintenance, fuel, and water costs."

"HMC Sustainability provides the information that allows Heads to get the best out of any new building or refurbishment without having to be an expert. It aims to provide a reference tool for those undertaking construction projects. It helps them to be effective clients by outlining options and what these really mean, enabling schools to make an informed choice."

David Levin
Headmaster, City of London School

Winston Churchill said we shape buildings and then they shape us. Few buildings define our future as decisively as the schools in which we are educated. If we want children to respect the global environment and play their part in developing a more energy-efficient future, then we should be working to ensure the environment in which they’re educated reflects our values. It’s in the hundreds of individual decisions that we make that we will ensure a green future. Nowhere is that more important than when we shape our school buildings.
The Rt Hon. Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Education

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