International Links

HMC independent schools prepare students for future success in a world where understanding cultural differences is crucial.

HMC's global reputation for quality, innovation and excellence, continues to attract international pupils to our schools. There are now 13,249 non-British pupils whose parents live overseas in HMC schools*. Pupils come from all over the world to take advantage of the high quality education on offer, reflecting the PISA findings from the OECD which rank UK Independent schools as the best in the world alongside New Zealand and South Korea.

The international pupil populations in our schools help to foster crucial bonds of understanding and friendship between young people of different cultures in school communities based on mutual respect.

HMC's extensive international network of members provides opportunities to develop international links for students and staff across HMC schools as well as opportunities to receive students and teachers from abroad through HMC Projects. Since the programme launched, over 1,100 students and 300 teachers have spent a valuable year in one of our UK schools.

The number of pupils from HMC independent schools going to overseas universities is also increasing. In 2015, 752 pupils in HMC schools* went to a non-UK university with the United States being the most popular destination.

* in the UK

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