You have the digital infrastructure, so what?

Tricia Kelleher (Stephen Perse Foundation)

Tricia Kelleher - photoIt is too easy when talking about technology in schools to become so focused on the kit that the learning outcomes become lost. Drawing on the experience of digital learning in my own setting, I shall be sharing the lessons we have learnt since rolling out iPads across our schools. I shall be challenging colleagues to consider what exactly they are trying to achieve in a digital learning environment and demonstrating how the use of technology can be transformational.

Tricia Kelleher joined the Stephen Perse Foundation in 2001 when it was an all-girls, academic powerhouse. Much has changed, including the introduction of two co-educational Pre-Preps and the merger with a nearby, non-selective preparatory school – Dame Bradbury’s. While the academic pride remains, and the results actually are higher than ever, Tricia has moved the emphasis of education towards inter-disciplinary learning with a concern for development of skills or aptitudes which are the building blocks to enable young people to be prepared for a rapidly changing, globally connected future of many unknowns. Introduction of IB, co-education (within a diamond formation structure) and leadership in the digital world are all key to Tricia’s and the School's vision for education. Such has been the success of the Foundation it was named Independent School of the Year in 2014.

Prior to moving to Cambridge, Tricia was the first female Deputy Head of Brentwood School, one of the first schools to adopt a diamond formation (a boys and a girls section 11-16). She was previously Head of History and Head of Year 7 at Brighton and Hove High School.

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