Sex, Likes and Social Media Talking to Teens in the Digital Age

Allison Havey (The Raising Awareness Project)

Allison Havey - photo cropWhat do teenagers today worry most about? What questions do they have regarding rape jokes, consent and sexual harassment? We illustrate the above with quotes and a survey. We clearly define rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment and consent.  Moving on, we ask how erotica differ from hard core porn. Who are its largest consumers? Is it filtering into mainstream media? Does it influence expectations? Can we define healthy relationships with the idea of ‘Mutual Respect and Mutual Consent?’ We then describe and define Sexting, Revenge porn and the concept of maintaining a positive or negative digital footprint. We touch upon alcohol, drugs and Rohypnol. We end our presentation with acronyms, highlighting personal safety issues when first dating, attending parties, music festivals and on Gap Year.  Finally, we conclude with practical advice and resources.

Allison Havey is London- based writer and co-founder of The Rap Project, or Raising Awareness Project. She grew up in New York City and attended Sarah Lawrence College where she studied Russian, French and European History. Before settling in London, she worked and lived in Paris and Moscow where she worked for NBC News, Associated Press Television News, and ABC News.

The Rap Project is a programme of presentations speaking to teenagers around the UK and beyond about sexual assault, harassment, sexting and examining how social media and hard core pornography are influencing attitudes, behaviours, body image and expectations. Allison is also the co-author of 'Sex, Likes and Social Media: Talking to our teens in the digital age' recently published by Random House/Vermilion.  Allison has two children, Michael, 20 and Isabel, 14.