Charity event on West Sands – ‘Providing a Future’

Chris King cropChairman's Message:

For the first time as part of the HMC Annual Conference we are going to have a fun event for a serious cause. I would like to ask you to join me in a Chariots of Fire-themed run to raise a significant sum of money towards Unicef’s global programme to protect more babies and mothers from tetanus. Every 9 minutes, a new born baby dies from neonatal tetanus. This is entirely preventable as it costs just 4p to protect a child. This fundraising effort has the potential to protect 6.25 million children to help eradicate tetanus in some of the poorest countries in the world.

Join me on Wednesday 7th October at 9am to run 2.7km on West Sands and you can be certain of a warm drink afterwards.

The event at this year’s Conference is of course symbolic of all the charitable work that HMC Heads and their schools do to raise considerable sums for their own chosen charities. This fundraising effort is another way of demonstrating the wonderful work that goes on in our schools every day. HMC schools raise many millions for their chosen charities every year which is something to be really proud of.

There are several ways in which specific contributions to this worthy cause can be made:

  • a payment by cheque to Unicef* (cheques payable to 'Unicef UK')
  • posting of funds collected in gift-aid envelopes to Unicef*
  • setting up a Just Giving page and paying on-line

*Unicef will have an exhibitor stand at the conference, so cheques or gift-aid envelopes can also be handed in to the Unicef representatives at the conference. 

Raised so far: £27,417.52 (plus offline donations still to come in)

The details for how to do this along with full information about the Unicef anti-tetanus programme – including Powerpoint slides for use in school or via electronic networks – can be downloaded here.

Thank you to those members who are already raising money and thank you in advance to those who decide between now and the autumn to become involved in this year’s HMC charity appeal.

Click here for the press release.

With thanks to Schoolblazer for providing the heads' running outfits: