Coaching improves employee performance: why aren’t you using it?

Keith Nelson (Your Total Coach)

The application of coaching as a core leadership style – if not the core leadership style – has grown dramatically since the turn of the century.

From its origins in sport, coaching migrated initially into the business world and, more recently, has been establishing its footprint in education.

Keith Nelson will introduce coaching and explore its existing application – and future potential – within schools, with the following inter-connected learning outcomes;

  • a common understanding of coaching,
  • the pivotal role of the Head in developing coaching approaches in the school and
  • potential application of coaching across schools.

Coaching will appeal to those Heads who seek to distribute leadership throughout their schools, promoting self-reliance and encouraging greater personal responsibility at all levels.

The workshop will be delivered through experiential coaching practice, discussions and direct input.

Keith Nelson works extensively with schools, providing:

  • Executive coaching for Heads
  • Coach training programmes for Heads, senior and middle leaders
  • Coaching and consultancy on the establishment of coaching cultures within schools

Keith Nelson has more than 15 years of experience as an executive coach. As well as being managing director of Your Total Coach – which provides organisational development services, coaching and coaching training – he is founder and course director at Cambridge University for qualifications in coaching.

Keith works extensively with schools, and in recent years has provided coaching support for United Learning, through both coach training and 1:1 executive coaching.

Through the coach training programmes, Heads have been trained to develop high quality coaching skills, with the aim being to equip them with the knowledge and skills not only to coach others in the school but also to develop a school-wide coaching culture.

Additionally, 1:1 executive coaching has been provided for individual Heads to raise personal and school performance. He is a firm believer that coaching supports changes in attitudes and behaviour that can translate into more effective performance at work.

The coaching techniques he employs and teaches have a strong focus on psychological aspects – themes which often lie at the heart of personal, team and business performance issues.

A published author (the first edition of his book Your Total Coach: 50 Ideas for Inspiring Personal and Professional Growth was published in 2010) Keith is also a regular speaker at conferences and seminars on leadership development, coaching and related topics.

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