How to get the best out of your television / radio / newspaper interview

Jane Lunnon (Wimbledon High School)

Everyone remembers their first time! The potential for muddle and enormous embarrassment, the crippling sense that one may well get things horribly wrong, the certainty that at some point, full exposure will occur…

Talking to the media is often a source of great anxiety to Heads – especially those new in post! In a world of 24/7 news, opportunities to engage with the media (of all kinds) are growing by the day and whether we like it or not, developing and managing a media presence, is increasingly, part of a Head’s job description. So, if you empathise with any of those feelings of anxiety about it, or if you want to broadcast some of your school’s great stories but are not sure how best to go about it, or, if you are brilliant at it and have some fantastic experiences to share, do come along to my workshop on the subject on Tuesday. 

Jane Lunnon took up the Headship of Wimbledon High School in September 2014, having previously been Deputy Head at Wellington College. She spent 12 years at Wellington, as an English teacher, Head of English and Assistant Director of Studies, before moving to Prior's Field School, as Head of Sixth Form then Deputy Head. She re-joined Wellington in 2010 as Deputy Head, playing a key role in its Senior Leadership Team and working to increase the profile of girls in the recently co-educational school. She has been a Governor in two schools.

Jane is an English graduate from the University of Bristol and began her career in marketing before taking up teaching. She juggles a busy home life (a husband, two children, a cat!) with her career and believes profoundly that all things are possible for women with a little careful planning and a lot of determination. Her approach in her school is to ensure that academic excellence is underpinned by outstanding pastoral care in an engaging curriculum and an equally stimulating co-curriculum. She is passionate about using the wonderful opportunities available both in and out of the classroom to develop confidence, courage and self-belief in young people. “Young people will lead if they are leading in area they really care about – so find the passion and you’ll find the leader…” Above all, she believes that education should be about the joy of discovery and the adventure of learning.

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