Investment in helping teachers to look after their own mental health will only benefit our pupils

Chris JefferysChris Jeffery from Bootham School in York has explained that in order for teachers to be fully effective in promoting the wellbeing of their students, they need to prioritise their own mental health first.

Jeffery looks at the changing role of teachers since he came into the profession in 1988, and how although the changes that immeasurably made education better, it has all come as an addition to a teacher's role, with no extra time and little extra support.

This has also come in addition to the emotional strain teachers find themselves under being on the front line to help young people manage mental "disease" and illness- a survey ran by the HMC Wellbeing Working Group in 2015 showed 85 per cent growth in schools citing pupil depression as a serious concern over the past 5 years.

The role of the flourishing model is a tool that measures wellbeing against the PERMA model of personal flourishing, provides a report, makes suggestions for incremental improvement and provides a bank of resources to support goals set in response. It is hoped that this can be used in Bootham school amongst the students but for now is being trailed amongst the staff to help them flourish.

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