A-level results 2012: private schools ‘dominate top grades’

In an article in the Telegraph, 18/10/12, Graeme Paton reports on the release of DfE figures showing that privately-educated teenagers were three times more likely to score straight As at A-level this summer than teenagers from state schools.

Almost a third of pupils from the independent sector gained at least three As in this summer’s exams compared with just over one-in-10 attending Government-funded schools and colleges.

The results are likely to tighten private school pupils’ grip in places at leading universities, which demand a string of top grades as a basic entry requirement.

It emerged that pupils from private schools were significantly more likely to score straight As. Figures show that 30.6 per cent hit the target, compared with just 10.7 per cent among pupils from state schools.

Independently-educated schoolchildren also achieved higher average points in each A-level. They scored an average of 242.3 points – close to a B grade – compared with 211.4 in state schools.

By Graeme Paton, Telegraph. Click here to read the article © The Telegraph