A-level standards

In a letter to The Times, 03/05/12, Kenneth Durham Chairman of HMC and Headmaster, University College School, Hampstead writes about A-level standards.

Sir Your report (“A levels have got easier, says exam chief”, May 2) raises important issues. Tellingly, in many cases, the regulators identify a change in the style of assessment rather than a reduction in course content. They are absolutely right.

Heads in this association have been expressing concern about this for some years. The problem that must be addressed is one of the rigour and intellectual challenge of the actual assessment process. It is crucial that the current A-level review understands this. The courses are rarely the problem. It is an assessment regime that is inflexible, unimaginative and designed to be safe in the hands of inexperienced examiners that compromises A-level standards. Until we face up to this, we will not make progress.

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