Anthony Seldon letter to the Telegraph: pupils need lessons in resilience if they are to improve their lot in life

The Telegraph, 27.05.15, HMC member Anthony Seldon, Master of Wellington College writes

SIR – There is no more important issue in Britain than the squandering of the talents of so many of our young people. At the heart of solving this conundrum is ensuring that the state and independent sectors work together far more closely than they did in the last century.

The independent sector has been dominant for so long because the whole educational experience it offers goes far beyond the passing of exams in literacy and numeracy which, while they are important, are obsessed over by governments.

Get both sectors, their teachers and students working together and learning from each other and we will be a lot closer to cracking this peculiarly British problem.

Anthony Seldon
Master, Wellington College
Crowthorne, Berkshire