ASCL report on The Forgotten Third

Responding to the ASCL report on The Forgotten Third published this week, HMC Executive Director Mike Buchanan said:

"This is comprehensive, landmark report which goes to the heart of how we value, or do not value, young people and their achievements as they progress through the education system. To write-off a third of the population as "failures" and consign them to the hamster wheel of re-take exams is something of which none of us can be proud.

"ASCL have made some measured, immediately implementable recommendations that have the potential to change the landscape for The Forgotten Third and provide employers and others with confidence about their skills and abilities.

"HMC calls upon the government, Ofqual and others to adopt the recommendation for an English Passport and to look carefully at the place and nature of English Literature at GCSE, particularly when we do so on the basis of exams in English that are shown by Ofqual to be at least 40% unreliable in how they are graded."