Associations of Independent Schools’ letter to the Sunday Times: Economics Class

The Sunday Times, 30/11/14, the seven Associations of Independent Schools whom together make up the Independent Schools Council (ISC) which collectively represents some 1,200 schools and over 500,000 pupils respond to recent comments that independent schools are dominated by children of oligarchs. 

Just 4.8% of pupils at Independent Schools Council (ISC) schools are international students with parents living overseas, and their numbers fell last year. The idea that our schools are dominated by the children of oligarchs is not one that any head of an independent school would recognise.

Overseas pupils bring perspectives from which all children learn. Fees average £12,000 a year for day schools, and one in three pupils receive some help paying them — £660m in financial assistance was provided last year.

Barnaby Lenon, ISC, Richard Harman, Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference, Alice Phillips, Girls’ Schools Association, David Hanson, Chief Executive, Independent Association of Prep Schools, Andrew Hampton, Chairman, Independent Schools Association, Mike Windsor, Chairman, The Society of Heads, Mark Taylor, Chairman, Independent Schools’ Bursars Association, Colin Bell, General Secretary, Council of British International Schools, Richard Green, Chairman, Association of Governing Bodies of Independent Schools, Robin Fletcher, National Director, Boarding Schools’ Association

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