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Shche ne vmerla Ukrainas

28 February 2022

It was Martin Luther King who reminded us that whilst the arc of the moral universe is long, it bends towards justice. Throughout history that trajectory has rarely been uninterrupted… Find out more

Serenity prayer

25 February 2021

The so-called ‘serenity prayer’ has always struck me as something that could have been written specifically for headteachers. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,… Find out more

The unappealing question of exam appeals…

23 February 2021

Exam Appeals: The unappealing question. A blog by Kate Howell, HMC Director of Education. Half-term week provided a much-needed break from on-screen learning for pupils, and for parents and teachers who… Find out more

Passing the buck

6 January 2021

The Secretary of State for Education has repeatedly told us that exams are the fairest form of assessment. He has repeatedly told us that the government’s intention is for exams… Find out more

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

30 November 2020

On Friday, no less a body than the Press Association published claims that “private schools in England recorded the biggest increase in top grades this summer.” The basis for the… Find out more