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Customer services

27 September 2015

We bought a fridge from a well-known High Street retailer over the summer (yes, it’s a glamorous life). Our story is replicated up and down the country I’m sure, and… Find out more


4 June 2015

The HEPI university student experience survey 2015 can be found here . So, HEPI has published its annual summer treat, the Student Satisfaction Survey (in collaboration with the Higher Education… Find out more


13 May 2015

Put the words ‘student’ and ‘European’ together and what springs to mind? In the post-UKIP world perhaps few will now be openly stressing about UK universities over-run by EC students;… Find out more

Oh, boy!

5 January 2015

Oh dear, oh dear. The first male President of the Girls’ Schools Association has walked straight into a minefield by suggesting that boys should be taught separately lest they be… Find out more

If you want to learn about…

18 November 2014

It’s a truism that the Higher Education landscape has undergone huge change in the last few years, and those of us who work in senior schools spend, of course, a… Find out more

The Iron Lady’s HE Legacy

11 April 2013

Matthew Syed, writing recently in The Times, makes some typically perceptive points about Mrs Thatcher’s sporting legacy:  ‘(Football) clubs (he writes) are no longer hubs of the community but profit-maximising… Find out more

Keep the halfway staging post

4 March 2013

It has been good, during these last few weeks, to see the two sectors in secondary education – the one, maintained, engaged in educating the vast majority of the population,… Find out more

The HE debate

8 October 2012

At the HMC Conference in Belfast, four long sessions were devoted to debates on some pretty big issues: sport in schools, selection, political interest in schools and higher education. The… Find out more