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Unconditional offers? No thanks

2 July 2019

In recent years, universities have had to walk a difficult line. On the one hand they are, or should be, upholders of academic standards and virtues – ethical, philosophical and… Find out more

Questioning GCSE

15 January 2019

In a recent article by Haroon Siddique in The Guardian (30/12/18), Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner expressed concern that Tory education reforms are putting state school pupils at a disadvantage… Find out more

STEAM – Why we need a new golden age

10 May 2017

In early May, The Huffington Post published an article by Jennifer Tuckett of Central St Martins in which she stressed the importance of an arts education. Creativity and ‘soft’ skills… Find out more


5 December 2016

When I was visiting schools in Manhattan in late October, the teacher showing me round commented on how nervous the children in her school were about the Presidential election campaign…. Find out more

Elitist Britain – cause for celebration?

9 September 2014

In late August the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission published Elitist Britain, which reported on the dramatic over-representation in the top echelons of public life of those educated at… Find out more

Naming rights

21 May 2014

Catching up on the teachers’ nomenclature debate  (“Miss’ might be insulting, but calling teachers by their first names should never be allowed. End of”, Telegraph, 14/05/2014) I find myself surprised… Find out more

What lies ahead for Sixth Formers?

27 November 2013

As we embark on our annual open day for potential Sixth Formers and the first 6.1 (lower sixth) Review meeting when we assess individuals’ progress, I reflect on what lies… Find out more