Bromley High School Joins the HMC

Bromley High School has been accepted for membership of the HMC (The Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference); the first school in the history of the GDST to become a member of this professional association of the world’s leading independent schools

In the past year, many of the country’s leading girls’ schools have joined the HMC and now 5% of the 270 HMC schools are outstanding single sex girls’ day schools of similar size and stature to Bromley High School. Membership of the HMC is regarded as a kite mark of the highest standards of teaching and learning. Entry requirements are exacting with academic excellence a paramount factor. However, this is underpinned by a rigorous Inspection process which examines  other qualitative criteria such as the school's ethos, philosophy and discipline; the range and balance of the curriculum; the quality and effectiveness of the classroom teaching; achievements in co-curricular  activities; arrangements for pastoral  care and careers guidance.

We remain very enthusiastic and active members of the Girls’ School Association and we look forward to the enhanced opportunities offered by HMC Membership for our teachers and girls to collaborate with colleagues in schools with a similarly expansive and ambitious educational vision to our own.