Can Plymouth College’s young hopefuls swim to victory?

Just one student competing in the London Olympics would be enough to make most schools proud, but Plymouth College will see no fewer than four of its pupils line up when the 2012 Games begin next week.

In an article in the TES, 20/07/12, Headmaster of Plymouth College, Dr Simon Wormleighton comments on this phenomenal achievement.

Plymouth College's headmaster, Dr Simon Wormleighton, said that four athletes from the same school competing in an Olympics was a "phenomenal" achievement. "I, for one, will be avidly watching the aquatics events, taking pride in the knowledge that Plymouth College has played a massive part in helping these young athletes to achieve their dreams," he said.

Plymouth College, a £24,000-a-year boarding school, will be cheering on diver Tom Daley (pictured left), one of Great Britain's big medal hopes. But staff and pupils will also be supporting athletes from Lithuania, Uganda and Zambia who are hoping for glory in the swimming pool.

Next week these young athletes will perform on the biggest stage of their lives, but it has been an often gruelling slog to get there. Life is intense for the swimmers, who regularly train for between five and six hours a day.

A typical day starts with breakfast at 4.50am. The athletes are in the pool by 5.30am, ready for two hours' training before school starts.

After a second breakfast, school begins, but it is punctuated by more training during the day. When school finishes, the swimmers train for a further two hours before the day is out.

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