Category: Press Releases

Reliable and transparent exam grading

12 August 2019

HMC has long campaigned for more reliable and transparent exam grading.  The problem – that different, subjective or ‘fuzzy’ marks awarded to essays often straddle hard grade boundaries – is affecting… Find out more

Social Mobility and the Conservative Party

15 July 2019

Responding to an article by the former Education Secretary Justine Greening, in which she calls on the Conservative Party to make greater efforts to promote social mobility, HMC Executive Director Mike… Find out more

Labour and Independent Schools

9 July 2019

Following media reports of moves by Labour activists to introduce a more punitive approach to the independent sector, HMC Executive Director Mike Buchanan said: “It would be a shame for this issue to be a… Find out more

Independent school attendance figures

28 June 2019

Commenting on new Department for Education figures that show a small drop in the numbers attending independent schools (1,910 fewer than in 2015), HMC Executive Director Mike Buchanan said: “The figures show… Find out more

Comparability between IGCSEs and GCSEs

4 April 2019

Mike Buchanan, HMC Executive Director, said: “Many HMC schools continue to choose IGCSEs because they can be more interesting courses and have a proven track record of preparing young people for… Find out more