Chris Ramsey letter to The Telegraph 06.03.17

6 March 2017
Posted by Heidi Salmons

The Telegraph, 06.03.17, Chris Ramsey, Headmaster of The King’s School Chester and Chair of the joint HMC/GSA Universities Committee wrote to the Telegraph on the subject of Bristol University's scholars scheme stating that the unhelpful and uninformed assumption that “independently educated” automatically means “wealthy” must stop.

SIR – It is good news that Bristol University’s much-applauded scholars scheme is encouraging students from a variety of school backgrounds.

As universities are increasingly realising (and as the University of Warwick publicly states in its Access Agreement), school sector type “does not provide an accurate measure of disadvantage”. Students who are from disadvantaged backgrounds are often given bursary-funded places at independent schools to help their life chances, and it’s right that this is continued into higher education by institutions such as Bristol.

We must stop the unhelpful and uninformed assumption, which has become something of a popular myth, that “independently educated” automatically means “wealthy”.

Chris Ramsey
Headmaster, The King’s School, Chester