Conference & Common Room magazine turns 50

The new issue of Conference & Common Room (C&CR) brings up a landmark anniversary for the magazine. C&CR (then titled Conference) was first published in 1963, and the summer issue celebrates 50 years of the publication.

This retrospective issue looks back at five decades of the magazine, and also takes the opportunity to speculate on what the future may hold.

It provides fascinating insights into how the educational landscape has changed over the decades; while celebrating the values and good practice that remain as true today as they did in 1963.

In his introduction, editor Tom Wheare writes: “One of the salutary things about being editor of C&CR is the lesson that there is nothing new under the sun. Whatever whizzo scheme one may think of, look back through enough previous numbers and there it will be, the topic you thought that only your fertile mind had generated, marmorealised in cold print.

“Fortunately, being editor of C&CR is rather like being Beatrix Potter’s Taylor of Gloucester. A steady supply of well-crafted pieces of work appear on my computer screen at regular intervals, each with a buttonhole or two at the most remaining to be completed by a few final stitches in the editorial twist. Thus it was that two articles on school archives spontaneously appeared for inclusion in this distinctly retrospective issue.

“There are, however, quite a few commissioned articles here too, by way of birthday cards. Ian Beer was a Head before C&CR was born and is the senior Honorary Associate member of HMC, whilst John Blatchly, Jonty Driver, Nigel Richardson and Andrew Cunningham have all been editors of the magazine. The landscapes and portraits they paint fill in at least some of the back stories of the scene Conference & Common Room has sought to cover.”

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