Desert Island Discs

In his blog, 17/07/13, David Goodhew, Head of Latymer Upper School talks about the school's newly launched record label designed to give students music opportunities and experience of all facets of the the industry whilst helping to fund bursaries for.

However, the reason for creating a label rather than just sending songs directly to iTunes is that it gives our musicians an experience of all facets of the industry - recruitment, audition, recording, live event management, web design, artwork/logo, legal issues -  rather than just performance. 

At this point, one might be tempted to observe how lucky pupils in the independent sector are to have such opportunities - and they are. However, I have omitted two important aspects of the project. Firstly, all the profits will go to our annual fund, which supports bursaries that allow boys and girls from low-income families to attend Latymer. As with many former Direct Grant schools, we want to be academically selective, but as socially inclusive as we can be; since 2004 we have raised approximately £11 million for means-tested scholarships, and next academic year there will be 105 means-tested scholars at Latymer. Secondly, the intention is to expand 32 Bit Recordings next year to include young people from the local community, whatever school they attend. Both these aims were at the instigation of our pupils, who know that a wider social mix is good for the school, and making these musical opportunities available to the community is good for everyone.

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