Developing Resilient Minds in Education Conference – Thursday 19th March 2015

How do you get your pupils to concentrate effectively? Does a lack of self-control hinder their progress in a world with so many enticing distractions?

Colfe’s School has just hit an all-time record for examination results and attribute much of this success to their award-winning Tougher Minds programme, recently featured in the Sunday Telegraph. The programme is designed to teach pupils, parents and staff how the brain actually learns and offers practical skills to professionals and pupils to help build mental resilience and self-control, in a world full of distractions.

The ‘Developing Resilient Minds in Education Conference’ will give you the opportunity to hear from experts in their respective fields as to how the science works and how to implement it successfully inside your classrooms and out. Pupils and parents will also share their experiences of developing a tougher mind and how that has transformed into everyday practice. The conference is aimed at head teachers, academic performance leaders, pastoral leaders and teaching staff with a remit for building mental resilience amongst pupils.

The Developing Resilient Minds in Education Conference will take place at Colfe’s School, on Thursday 19 March from 4.30pm. To book your place at the conference or to find out more about the event, visit

Speakers include:

  • Olympian Matthew Syed, three-times Commonwealth Gold Medallist, author of ‘Bounce – The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice’, feature writer for The Times and Sports Journalist of the Year
  • Professor Jim McKenna, Professor of Physical Activity and Health and world-leading expert in behaviour change, Leeds Beckett University (formerly Leeds Metropolitan)
  • Alice Dunn, Teach First – delivering world class teachers
  • Jon Finn, Director and Founder, Tougher Minds
  • Andrew Foster, Head of Academic Performance, Colfe’s School
  • Parents, pupils and staff sharing first-hand their experiences of the programme

Hear Tougher Minds Founder, Jon Finn, Prof. McKenna and Colfe's Head of Academic Performance give an insight on what they intend to cover at the conference here.