Exam board overhaul

In a letter to the Telegraph, 18/09/12, HMC's General Secretary, Dr William Richardson calls for an overhaul of the examinations industry, as well as the qualifications.

"For some time there has been wide consensus among school leaders in both independent and maintained schools that GCSEs require a significant overhaul (Letters, September 19). They have become narrowly focused, contain too much assessment and are a poor preparation for advanced study. Thus, the Coalition’s plans for reform are broadly to be welcomed.

But this is only half the answer. The flight by independent schools to International GCSEs has been due also to schools’ lack of confidence each year in marking and, when things go wrong within the exam boards, in obtaining justice for students who have been awarded the wrong grade.

An overhaul of the examinations industry, as well as the qualifications, is what is required."

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