Good morning, Mr Chips

10 December 2014
Posted by Heidi Salmons
Ian Selmes (tutor for staff development, Oakham School*) suggests ways of enriching school life as serving teachers become older

There is little evidence of career planning in teaching. However, the age profile of teachers is set to change dramatically as the retirement age rises in the next few years. There will be many more teachers in their 60s. A key question for school leaders is becoming how resilience might be developed in their inevitably ageing workforce.

The current age profile of teachers in the UK shows the majority are already aged 40-59. At the same time the normal age for retirement under the Teachers’ Pension Scheme is changing. For those who joined before 2007 it is 60 but for new members it will be linked to the State Pension Age: 66 in 2016, 67 in 2028 and 68 or more, soon after that.

Driven by increased life expectancy and the rising costs of people drawing a pension for much longer than was anticipated when pensions were introduced, the Common Room will develop an increasing proportion of teachers in their sixth or seventh decade.

See issue 3 of Insight (p24) for some of the implications of this ageing workforce.