Gove: we must break down ‘Berlin Wall’ between state and private schools

The Guardian, 03/02/2014: The education secretary Michael Gove says he wants to use independent sector's expertise to raise standards in the state sector. Gove is vowing to break down the "Berlin Wall" between state and private schools.

In a keynote speech on Monday, Gove will say his ambition is to raise standards in state schools in England to the point where they are indistinguishable from their fee-paying counterparts. Addressing the London Academy of Excellence, he will say the evidence shows "beyond any reasonable doubt" that English state education is starting to show a "sustained and significant improvement".

By further tapping into the expertise of the independent sector – which has already resulted in many independent schools sponsoring or co-sponsoring state academies – he will say that England's state schools can become the best in the world.

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