Help! This course is double Dutch

Sunday Times, 10.01.16, the number of British students at universities in Holland is booming. But are lecturers’ English skills up to scratch, asks Senay Boztas. Chris Ramsey, head of leading independent The King’s School, Chester, and university spokesman for HMC is quoted.

As thousands of British students consider whether to slash costs by studying abroad, there is a warning from Holland. A study by the Dutch students’ union has found 57% of students feel the poor English skills of many lecturers are a “distraction” from learning.

Many universities are reporting their highest ever numbers of British students: Amsterdam University has 339, Groningen 240 and Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) 182. Maastricht University has the most, operating primarily in English and with 371 Britons. EU students typically pay about £1,400 a year for tuition and may qualify for Dutch government loans.

Chris Ramsey, head of The King’s School, Chester, and university spokesman for the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference, said: “Studying abroad is an increasingly attractive option. The most important thing is for students to do their homework and approach their choices with an open mind. Then they can enjoy any language differences without it becoming a problem.”

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