HMC Chairman-elect Christopher King (Leicester Grammar School) introduces a major HMC initiative

10 December 2014
Posted by Heidi Salmons
HMC schools collectively recruit well over a thousand NQTs every year. Traditionally most of these have arrived via PGCE courses but this route to the recruitment of new teachers is rapidly being closed off to us

The Government’s decision to base teacher training in schools rather than in university faculties of education has resulted in the closure of some PGCE courses and an absolute decline in the number of potential applicants to our schools. Initiatives such as Teach First and the advertising power of some Teaching Schools linked to academies “chains” is seeing increasing numbers of would-be teachers, with talent and top degrees, being trained in schools beyond the independent sector.

In response to a serious and growing problem HMC has responded swiftly to create HMC Teacher Training. This is a two year programme of recruitment, training and induction that provides a direct
route into the teaching profession.

Successful trainees leave the programme with a recognised, transferable teaching qualification, accepted by both the independent and maintained sectors – the first step on the journey to
a rewarding career in education.

Find out more about HMC Teacher Training in issue 3 of Insight (p18)