Press Notice: HMC response to ATL survey on teacher pay and conditions

In response to the ATL survey on teacher pay and conditions, Chris King, Chairman of HMC and Headmaster of Leicester Grammar School, pointed out that HMC’s new teacher training programme has proved very popular and said:

"Our feedback tells us teachers find working independent schools hugely rewarding and staff turnover is low.

"In independent schools, class sizes are smaller, discipline is generally good and a vast array of co-curricular subjects and unusual subjects are on offer to engage both teachers and pupils.

“Base salaries are often above that offered in the state sector, although heads are constantly managing the balance between putting teacher salaries up and keeping fee increases for parents down. Schools have all had huge staff cost increases from new pension and national insurance contributions, which more than covers the average 2% fee increases this year. However they value their staff and have still managed to put salaries up.

"Regarding breaks, the majority of teachers welcome the chance to get involved in the rich diversity of independent school life but heads will always be balancing the needs of pupils with the needs of staff."