HMC response to Labour vote on independent schools

The Labour Party is proposing to abolish independent schools in the UK.  This will hurt, not help, state schools.

Responding to the Labour Party Conference vote on education, HMC Executive Director Mike Buchanan said:

"The motion passed at the Labour Party conference attacking independent education is based on myths, misinformation and misunderstandings.

"If implemented, it will be an act of unprecedented vandalism. Any government has a duty of care to all its citizens and this would harm children in independent and state schools, harm families and harm freedom. It could cripple an already cash-strapped education system and cost rather than win Labour votes.

"It would threaten the jobs of teachers and support staff,  and empty promises of transferring over to a comprehensive state system ignore employment law and basic humanity.

"Teachers and heads care about all children. Their priority is not the abolition of the few, but the elevation of the many."

HMC is the professional Association of Heads of some of the world's leading independent schools.