HMC Response to Ofqual review of marking

"The serious and long-standing problems inherent in the English examinations industry were all too evident last summer.  Last September the HMC published a report which highlights the alarming nature of these problems.  The Chairman of the Education Select Committee and the Secretary of State for Education welcomed that report.  ASCL has supported us since then in the representations we have made to the Secretary of State and to Ofqual, and we are pleased that the Chief Regulator has now confirmed that our specific suggestions have been incorporated into Ofqual's current review of marking.  It is also encouraging that at least one of the main exam boards is beginning seriously to consider new ways of tackling long-standing problems with marking."

"Nevertheless, progress is extremely slow and we are not convinced that enough has been done either by awarding bodies responsible for our exams or by Ofqual which regulates them to ensure that pupils from all schools, state and independent, will be treated fairly or justly in this summer's GCSE and A-level examinations.  Nor are we yet reassured that enough will be done to produce significant improvements in the longer term."

Dr Christopher Ray, High Master, Manchester Grammar School and Chairman, HMC