New interactive online programme boosts well-being, resilience and exam grades

New interactive online programme boosts well-being, resilience and exam grades

New online training programme

  • Uses video and audio to enhance interactivity and engagement
  • Boosts well-being, resilience and exam grades
  • Improves lifestyle habits including diet and exercise
  • Teachers can monitor and evaluate pupil progress
  • Scaleable and cost effective for schools
  • Families can purchase the programme

A new online training programme which improves exam grades, reduces exam stress, boosts well-being and enhances resilience for pupils at every stage of education is to be launched this September.

School Success is based on decades of applied research and effective classroom delivery by the Tougher Minds performance consultancy. It uses interactive videos plus simple and practical daily exercises to help young people develop critical mental attributes, improve educational performance and fully realise their personal potential. The training also supports users to develop new helpful habits for school and life in general and has a rapid impact.

“School Success is a personal well-being and resilience trainer with content presented in an engaging and effective interactive format.“, said Tougher Minds Founder Dr Jon Finn.

“We believe it is a powerful tool which can have a major transformative effect. It can help schools seeking to unlock potential and improve performances and it can also support pupils who are already high-achievers.“

Finn added: “We have already received significant interest in the platform from a range of schools and we look forward to helping them introduce and implement the system.”

Tougher Minds has worked with schools in both the fee-paying and state sector. Pupils benefiting from their training have consistently reported improvements in well-being, resilience and shown improved exam performance. One Headteacher, whose school is a member of HMC and worked with the consultancy, commented: ““Tougher Minds empowers children to take charge of their own lives.”

Tougher Minds School Success platform is suitable for use at every stage of education including prep and primary school, GCSE, A Level and University entrance. The online access means that Tougher Minds’ resilience and wellbeing training can reach large numbers of pupils in a cost effective format. Pupils progress can be monitored and tracked by teachers. The platform is also to be made available to families, who can use it in the home.

Tougher Minds training is based on the latest neuroscience and understanding of brain function. The programmes have been proven to dramatically improve learning, homework, concentration, behaviour plus GCSE and A Level exam performance. The Tougher Minds programme delivered in partnership with Colfe’s School in London - which explicitly taught resilience skills for improved academic and personal performance  - was voted 2014 Education initiative of the year at the Independent School Awards.

As well as its work at independent schools including Colfe’s and Reed’s, Tougher Minds also works with Teach First and has completed a successful projects with state schools including Quintin Kynaston in London and St Bede’s and St Joseph’s in West Yorkshire.

To contact Tougher Minds to learn more about their new School Success platform please email [email protected]