HMC’s response to Government GCSE league tables

HMC's response to the Department for Education's decision not to include certain IGCSEs in performance league tables

Dr William Richardson, general secretary of HMC (the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference): 

“The Department for Education’s decision not to include certain IGCSEs in its performance league tables for the first time this year gives a thoroughly unrealistic picture of school exam results across the entire country. Leading independent schools have moved over to IGCSEs in large numbers, mainly because they are a better preparation for A-level work in the sixth form.

"Some HMC schools have achieved their strongest results to date and have outperformed other schools in their area. Absurdly, the recently published league tables show such schools at the bottom of the table with a ‘zero’ score simply because the government has chosen not to ‘regulate’ these outstanding exams.

“We strongly disagree with the league table change this year, mainly because it is completely misleading to parents.  It also results in awards highly valued by leading universities being left out of performance tables altogether."