How do you identify ‘coasting’ schools?

The Guardian, 01.06.15, there’s no official definition ... so what do education professionals think? HMC member Tricia Kelleher, principal, Stephen Perse Foundation features.

In the Queen’s speech, the government said it plans to convert so-called coasting schools into academies. So far, there is no official definition of what a “coasting” school is.

Tricia Kelleher, principal, Stephen Perse Foundation, an independent school in Cambridge

I think it’s just a neat title to give to schools that they want to make into academies. I’m not in the state sector, but it seems quite political and like a silver bullet for a very complicated problem. There will be schools that you could argue should be pushing their students more, but with a teacher recruitment crisis, and at a time of budgetary contraction they’re are really up against it.

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