Most independent schools seek to involve pupils in local communities

In a letter to the Telegraph, 13/05/13, HMC's Chairman and High Master of The Manchester Grammar School, Dr Christopher Ray, responds to Lord Adonis's claims that pupils are ‘segregated from society’ by private schools.

SIR – In his speech at Brighton College, Lord Adonis maintained in the teeth of the evidence that independent school students are filled with children of the privileged professional classes, insulated from the realities of modern life, and with large numbers of rich overseas students alongside them in classes. He prefers to rely upon his (largely inaccurate) knowledge of a few public boarding schools with relatively high fees.

He fails to recognise that for the vast majority of independent schools, very many parents live in ordinary, albeit typically not deprived, circumstances, with fees often paid as a result of huge personal sacrifices or from the savings of grandparents, and with pupils who through the substantial outreach activities of their schools as well as in their daily lives are thoroughly immersed in their diverse local communities.

Dr Christopher Ray
High Master 
The Manchester Grammar School

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