Independent Schools recognised as significant contributors to Britain’s global reputation for excellence

BIS report heralds role of schools in contributing to UK economic wellbeing.

HMC welcomes the report issued today by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. In International Education Strategy: Global Growth and Prosperity  the UK government recognises that independent schools in Britain and British Schools Overseas (BSOs) make an important contribution to the UK’s balance of trade, to supporting internationalism in British universities and in promoting the reputation of the nation around the world.     

HMC Chairman Chis Ray – about to move from The Manchester Grammar School to take up the headship of the British School Al Khubairat in Abu Dhabi – said:

"The country benefits hugely from the strength of its independent schools, both here in Britain and overseas.  British Schools Overseas play a very important part in this and many of the best model themselves on HMC schools at home. The values of an outstanding liberal education of the kind developed in British independent schools has worldwide appeal and it is good to see this contribution being recognised in government.  It is a cultural as well as an economic benefit for the nation and one which will surely grow in the coming years."

HMC has over 250 UK members and 60 international members, representing leading schools on all continents. Amongst our UK members are the heads of many boarding schools which play a critical part in attracting overseas students to Britain.  Many of our schools have already established thriving new schools overseas, including in China, the Middle East and South East Asia, and more are intending to do so within the next few years. HMC and its members are proud to work closely with the inspectorates of BSOs including the Independent Schools Inspectorate, with COBIS, and with other educational organisations to promote the interests of British education internationally.


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