Kelly College Olympic Pool Bid Success

Kelly College have announced that they have now received final ministerial confirmation that they have been awarded the 10 lane, 50m Olympic Legacy swimming pool, as well as having received full planning permission for the project.

It will provide an Olympic Legacy, by not only enhancing the development of the Kelly Swimming Squad – which has already enjoyed many Olympic successes – but also providing a facility for many local and national swimming clubs and the wider community of West Devon and beyond. The aim is to establish a 50m Performance Swimming Centre in Devon which will be accessible to any competitive aquatic team, club association or group within the UK.

This will allow aspiring, young performers to train and compete on equal terms around the world. It is worth noting that there are more 50m pools in Paris than there are in the whole of the United Kingdom. As well as this, we will be able significantly to expand the activities that are currently offered in our existing 25m facility – this will increase use by the local community for recreational swimming, for local schools, triathlon clubs, scuba diving, kayaking, ASA training, medical referrals and more.

The College's task now is to raise the £3.4m required to build the facility to house the new pool. If you would like to know more about how you may be able to help, please click here.