Kevin Fear Nottingham High School Blog: How parents can support pupils to cope with exam pressure

In a blog 10.04.16, HMC member Kevin Fear, headmaster of leading independent Nottingham High School writes about how parents can support pupils to cope with exam pressure.

As we move into the Summer Term and the peak season for public examinations we are very aware as a school of the importance of supporting our students through this stressful time.  In my view, key to this is a successful partnership of parents, pupils and teachers.  It is very easy for us as adults to under-estimate the pressures that young people are under.  Much of this pressure actually emanates from adults – from parents who are understandably anxious to want their children to do their best and from schools who are under constant monitoring by external bodies such as OFSTED.  Exams these days are high stakes.

So how can we help children cope with the many pressures?

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