King’s reviews its position on International Baccalaureate

King's College London has announced today 18/03/13, that it has reviewed its position on the International Baccalaureate (IB) with the aim of achieving greater parity with other qualifications and ensuring that IB students with the ability to excel at King’s are made an appropriate and fair offer.

The revised admissions requirements were announced this week at an event for IB school counsellors where a keynote address was given by Dr Anthony Seldon, Master of Wellington College. This coincides with the publication of the 2014 undergraduate prospectus.

Professor Sir Rick Trainor, Principal of King’s said: ‘King’s welcomes the great sense of energy, determination and diversity that IB students bring to the College, and how well they adapt to an academically rigorous study environment and university life. We believe this is in part thanks to the broad nature of the IB, which complements King’s range of single honours and multidisciplinary degree programmes. We have recently expanded our range of interdisciplinary programmes with a global perspective – for example International Relations, Global Health & Social Medicine and International Development - which suit students with a wide range of interests.

King’s decision was welcomed by many of the teachers at the event including Dr Anthony Seldon, who commented: ‘As one of many cutting-edge schools deeply committed to the International Baccalaureate, we warmly welcome King’s move as we have been concerned about the fairness and comparability of offers in recent years. International Baccalaureate students acquire intellectual breadth and depth, an ability to work and think independently, and analytical capacity which means they flourish on single as well as interdisciplinary degree programmes.’

Paul Teulon, Director of Admissions added: ‘King’s is committed to a clear, fair and transparent admissions policy and want to ensure that candidates are considered appropriately and holistically. In the development of our new range of IB offers, we have to sought to reduce the potential unfairness which we feel may have inadvertently crept into IB offers in recent years. We are seeking to ensure that IB students, like students following other curricula, with the qualities to excel at King's are made appropriate offers.’

Revised IB admissions requirements

King’s has noted that despite the average IB student’s grades remaining relatively constant throughout the past decade, for a variety of reasons the admissions requirements have increased. Our new range of admissions requirements seek to redress this balance and ensure that IB students, like students following other curricula, with the qualities which will allow them to excel at King’s are made appropriate offers.

At King’s in 2003 the entry requirement for the IB was 32 points, whilst A-level requirements were BBB. By 2013 the entry requirements for A-levels had increased to A*AA and, in line with this shift, the IB requirements had reached 39 points.

King’s has adjusted its IB offers, placing slightly more emphasis on the Higher Level subjects, whilst reducing slightly the total point score. This provides a greater element of flexibility for the student across their six academic subjects.

A Level       IB 
A*AA 35 points including 7 6 6 HL
AAA 35 points including 6 6 6 HL
AAB 35 points including 6 6 5 HL

King’s continues to value the structure of the IB and all of its integral elements, but wishes to ensure that there is an appropriate level of flexibility. Under the new offer scheme, the highest overall point score that will be required is 35 points (including the core). 

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