Leo Winkley letter to the Guardian: charitable status

In a letter to The Guardian, 25/11/14, HMC member, Leo Winkley, Headmaster of St Peter's School in York airs his frustrations at Tristram Hunt's lack of awareness of the extensive partnership work that goes on in York.

Tristram Hunt was himself privately educated, and yet he seems to be in blissful ignorance of what private schools are actually doing these days. Most private schools do this already, and not so that we can get away with tax relief. In York, we do it because the state sector cannot provide enough Latin teachers; we do it because we want to improve the experiences of all children in York; we do it because we have each come to trust our colleagues on the other side of the imaginary “Berlin Wall”. People work best together in education if the political climate encourages sincere and respectful dialogue, rather than pantomime caricatures and ominous threats. Should he ask nicely? Yes: because it works.

Leo Winkley (@LeoWinkley)
Headmaster, St Peter’s School, York

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