Louise Simpson, Head of St Paul’s School letter to the Times re exams and stress….and league tables

The Times, 22/04/15, HMC member Louise Simpson, head of St Paul's School, Brazil highlights writes about exams and stress and the impact league tables has on this.


Contrary to your report, “Exam grades suffer when nerves turn into stress” (Apr 21), healthy apprehension of examinations is a good thing. The flow of adrenalin and blood to the brain boosts alertness and gets young minds thinking. Sadly, many schools place league table positions above all else and, inevitably, pupils feel the pressure from their teachers. Happily, with no league tables that does not happen. My school’s pupils continue with sports, clubs and societies up until the exams. The result? They do better in their IB and iGCSE exams than many pupils in schools in the UK.

Louise Simpson

Head, St Paul’s School, São Paulo

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