Magdalen College School gets 47 pupils into Oxbridge

The Oxford Mail, 16/08/13, reports on the record number of pupils going to Oxford and Cambridge this year Magdalen College School, the school of HMC's incoming Chairman's Dr Tim Hands.

A record 47 pupils from Magdalen College School will be going to Oxford or Cambridge universities this year.

That means more than a third of the 129-strong year group will be off to Oxbridge.

Headteacher Dr Tim Hands said: “We are absolutely delighted.

“It is many more than ever before, it is excellent and we are delighted for them.”

He put the school’s success in part down to its new Waynflete Studies programme, which has no final exam but sees youngsters carry out independent study on topics of their choice.

Dr Hands said: “It has been a big help for them, it is kind of unique in this city because it draws on the strengths and goodwill of those in the city who are kind enough to supervise them and that has to be appealing to Oxbridge.

“We think it sets them up well.”

A* grades made up 44.3 per cent of the school’s results — up by a third from last year. More than 91 per cent achieved an A or A*, while 99 per cent a gained a B or higher.

This year, 50 Oxbridge offers were made and 47 pupils got in.

Last year, 33 offers were made and 31 pupils succeeded. In 2011, 37 offers were made and 35 got in.

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