Meet the pupils in leading roles

The Telegraph, 08/04/15, encouraging pupils to embrace extra responsibility will help them stand out in applications. Rachel Halliwell reveals the roles that are up for grabs in schools. Pupils at HMC member schools Birkdale and City of London School for Girls feature.

House captain

Responsibilities Healthy competition between houses is right at the heart of school life. Your aim is to lead yours to victory, organising teams and persuading everyone to get involved.

Requirements This isn’t a job for the faint-hearted. It calls for confidence when speaking in public and a willingness to be a figurehead. You’ll also need to be able to relate effectively to pupils of all ages.

Transferrable skills Juggling the demands of your A-level studies with a significant level of responsibility is impressive, while the ability to rally others after a defeat is highly valued across the board.

Ed Gosney, 18
House captain for Asterley at Birkdale School, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

"Being able to motivate younger pupils to undertake something they might have been nervous about is such a key skill. I find it really rewarding to see them surprise themselves by doing new activities."

Head of games

Responsibilities Acting as a link between PEPE staff and pupils, you’ll help organise training sessions and fixtures and address any issues team members may have. Finding ways to motivate children not so keen on sport, as well as inspiring stars to keep pushing themselves, is also key.

Requirements A love of sport, of course. But beyond this, you’ll need to be tactful and persistent — full of praise when it’s due, but not shying away from pointing out areas where there’s room for improvement.

Transferrable skills You’ll leave school an outstanding communicator, able to coordinate and inspire others.

Prefects coordinator

Responsibilities This is an incredibly varied role — you could find yourself doing anything from helping to run a pupil-mentoring scheme to organising who should lead tours on open days.

Requirements Prefects are ambassadors and role models for their school in the wider community. As their coordinator, you will have to demonstrate exemplary behaviour and be well-presented at all times.

Transferrable skills Essentially, you are a line manager. So if you’re able to make a success of the role, it shows you have a flair for communication and planning.

Lisanne Go, 17
Form prefects coordinator at City of London School for Girls

"It’s my responsibility to ensure cohesion between junior and senior pupils. The position has taught me so many different things, which I hope will be useful in my life after school."

School councillor

Responsibilities You’ll be the voice of your fellow pupils, attending school council meetings, raising concerns suggested to you beforehand — the food, say, or timetables — and reporting back.

Requirements It calls for punctuality, confidence and the ability to come up with, and put forward, practical ways of improving life for pupils.

Transferrable skills You’ll have proved you can be sensitive and are able to work towards a compromise when presented with a tricky situation. Taking on this role is also a great opportunity to show you understand the concept of community

Charity coordinator

Responsibilities Schools are increasingly launching fundraising drives and not-for-profit initiatives. You’re there to help pupils get involved, and to forge strong relationships with organisations and individuals beyond the gates.

Requirements A demanding post, it involves out-of-school and extracurricular commitments, so you’ll need to be motivated and capable of organising your time.

Transferrable skills The role involves keeping accurate accounts and applying for funding from external bodies to support events — invaluable experience for future entrepreneurs.

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